Our Vision

We bake with love.
We care for the society.
We love the earth.

Our Mission

We conduct our business with conscience to benefit all.

Company Core Values

Our core values are passion, integrity, conscience and accountability.

1. Passion
All Julie’s employees are treated as one big family. In Julie’s, we put our heart and love into everything we do. Each Julie’s employee aims to put in the best in him/her in his/her work.

2. Integrity
Julie’s is committed to delivering quality taste and experience to its customers. At Julie’s, we spare no effort in continuously improving the biscuit-baking process. We conduct trial after trial until we attain the best quality and tastiest biscuit before proceeding to mass production. In each production, we ensure that every piece is baked to our target level of quality, and taste.

3. Conscience  
At Julie’s, the highest degree of cleanliness, consideration, and food safety are applied to the production of our biscuits at all times. Ingredients used in Julie’s products are high quality and we are deeply proud to say that our products are free from added preservatives and artificial colouring.

4. Accountability 
In this day and age where food sources can be questionable, Julie’s take every effort to ensure that only high quality raw materials and ingredients that are foremost safe for human consumption are used in production.

Company’s Quality / Food Safety / Halal Policy

“Baking Safe, Hygienic, Halal And Better Quality Products While Meeting The Relevant Legal Requirements Is Our Company’s Commitment Towards Continual Improvement and Customer Satisfaction”