The Best Of You

This seems like a simple question.

Yet, most of us will need a while to think about it. And that is what The Best of You movement is about—finding quiet moments in our busy lives to take stock of our accomplishments and appreciate our lives. In asking this question, we want to inspire you to celebrate the accomplishments, life experiences and the people that have brought out the best in you.

Started in 2014, this movement is powered by these tributes to one’s life accomplishments and experiences. Coming from all walks of life, these are tributes that speak of courage, regret, community, love, encouragement, redemption and, most of all, empowerment.

While people shared their stories, many others were inspired and even empowered by their words.

In the spirit of empowering each other with these stories, we are humbled to house them here in this website. We will also be showcasing some of them in a series of exhibitions this year.

With these stories, we want people to come out and share theirs. We hope that, in doing so, these stories will go on to encourage and spur on others.

By sharing your story, you might just change someone else’s life… and yours too. So, tell us about The Best of You.